Asset Management

Efficient managing of your furniture inventory is a competitive advantage in today’s cost conscious economy. Proper management of the inventorying, storage, and tracking of your furniture assets can save considerable funds and shorten timeframes necessary to handle shifting priorities.

Paramount delivers a true inventory asset management program – expertly managing your assets as well as providing secure storage.

We provide our clients with a custom-tailored plan to warehouse, maintain and reassign existing assets. By reusing items such as furniture, IT equipment, telephones, and even artwork, our clients have effectively reduced the need for new product purchases and dramatically reduced capital expenditures. Our specialists can provide the same level of service whether storing your inventoried assets at your own facility or utilizing our secure on-site warehouse.

Paramount can serve as your single source for all asset management services, including:

  • Comprehensive inventory management at our secured on-site warehouse.
  • Cost avoidance and churn reports.
  • 24/7 access to detailed real-time asset reporting.
  • Storage and intelligent bar-coding.
  • New purchase versus re-use analysis.
  • Web-based inventory browser and deployment utility.

Utilizing our computerized bar-coding system, furniture and other assets are individually inventoried in detail and stored in our secure, state-of-the-art storage facility. When it’s time to redeploy your existing assets, our online inventory management website allows you to securely browse and shop your inventory 24/7.

This easy-to-use utility allows you to “checkout” individual assets by item name, description, or photograph. Users then simply enter a specific delivery date and each piece on your list is meticulously cleaned, delivered, and installed as requested.

Partner with Paramount Asset Management and gain a valuable resource that can help you maximize the true value of your furniture investment and extend its useful life.