Smart Inventory

Snap Tracker

Utilizing portable barcode scanners, digital photography, and a private web-site with a dedicated server, Paramount can maintain an up-to-the-minute complete listing of our customers’ furniture, archives, and equipment. With a secure user name and password, our customers can access their inventory on the World Wide Web anytime they choose.

The process begins with the entering of the inventory into our system. Each item is tagged with an individual barcode sticker. That sticker is then scanned using one of our handheld devices and details of the item are entered via a stylus and input screen right on the handheld unit. Those details include the type of item, dimensions, color, manufacturer, condition, etc.

Our system allows for “specialized equipment” by allowing for a “write in” category that allows unique descriptions to be entered. At the time of the inventory’s initial scan, a digital photograph may be taken of the item as well. Digital pictures of stored items can be invaluable in the maintenance of inventory. There will be no guesses or wishful thinking when you can see exactly what you have in storage.

Once the item(s) have been scanned and entered into the handheld unit and the
digital picture(s) saved to the inventory computer at the Paramount warehouse, the handheld is connected to that same computer using a specialized cradle. With the push of a button, all of the scanned information is uploaded into the computer and matched with the corresponding digital picture(s). A hard copy of the inventory us printed for back-up purposes and the inventory information is then migrated to our private website on the internet.

Using an assigned user name and password, our customers can access their inventory information at their convenience. A complete inventory list can also be saved and printed directly from the website to a Microsoft Excel file. Changes to inventoried items can be made as easily as making a phone call or sending an email message to the Paramount office. With security in mind, only the Paramount inventory specialist can make changes to the listings.

Paramount’s barcode and inventory system allows immediate access to your stored items. It is a virtual picture catalog of all your organization’s items entrusted to Paramount’s care.